Last week I shared a few ideas for gifts for the artists and creatives in your life. Since they were all things to buy, I thought I’d do another post on gifts you can make.

For me homemade gifts get triple bonus points because:

1. They are much more personal and really make people feel special

2. It’s as fun for you to get all creative making them as it is meaningful for the person receiving them

3. They are often less expensive than buying something

I’ve gathered here some of the gifts I’ve made in the past, from quick little silly things to larger more involved projects, as well as cards and wrapping.

Sometimes very little is required to pull together something lovely. Generally I like gifts that have a use as well as being pretty, but that’s a personal preference.

{Some links are affiliate links.}


Easy Mini Clay Bowls

All you need is some Air Drying Clay {this is what I used and is excellent} and some paints.

{And a bit of patience while they dry. 🙂 }

small clay bowls

A deck of affirmation cards

I used an old deck of tiny playing cards. You could add personal messages, quotes, prompts, anything you like!


 A Happiness Jar

Inspired by a Facebook post by Elizabeth Gilbert, this jar could be filled with love notes, quotes, gratitudes, or as I’ve done, short affirmations and phrases of things to do that make me feel happy.


Paper Flowers

Super easy to make, these can be strung across a room, attached to stems to make a bunch, or an adornment for gift wrapping. These are mine but the link takes you to a much better tutorial {the one I used, in fact}.



Quite a few ‘ingredients’ involved, but fun to make and so worth it.

terrarium 1

 Make a tiny painting

So simple, and would look really special in a nice frame. Takes five minutes, as demonstrated in this video mini I made. 🙂

Imaginary Landscape :: gouache on paper :: 29.5x21cm :: inspired by my DailyScapes project!

Stone Rings

These were inspired by Alisa Burke. You just need a smooth pebble or two and a couple of ring bases {easy to find on Ebay or in a local craft store}.



Turn an old painting or background into cards

So easy it’s a bit ridiculous.


Easy lino print cards

Scroll past the Christmas rant to find the tutorial. 🙂


Cards from coloured photocopies of your art

Not as tacky as it sounds. I was really happy with these.


Wrapping and Decorations

Washi tape bunting

So simple it needs no tutorial. Just fold sections of tape over a length of string or thin ribbon, snip into the end to make flag shapes and boom. Done. Use for decorating or wrapping.


Make a ribbon rose

Super simple and quick.


Make a felt Christmas Tree

Pretty! My ‘tutorial’ is a bit slapdash {surprise}, but it’s really as simple as it looks.


I can be pretty crafty when I put my mind to it. 😉 Do you know how to make something festive and awesome? Please feel free to share a link to your own tutorials below! And if you make any of the above, I would love to see!