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Will you critique my painting?

Unfortunately it’s not possible for me to offer individual painting feedback outside of courses.

Here’s an exercise that might help you move forward if you’re stuck right now.

Set a timer for two minutes. Start the timer and paint continuously for two minutes, irrespective of negative internal backchat or not ‘knowing what you’re doing’. Just paint.

When the two minutes are up, start the timer again and this time step back and just look for two minutes. Stay open, look at each part of the painting and listen for your next move. When those two minutes are up, do whatever came to you during the looking time. Usually it’s something very simple; ‘put a line here’, ‘put white there’. Don’t expect detailed instructions or logic!

Feel into the process as much as you can. Keep switching back and forth between these two modes until you feel complete. The least that will happen is that the painting moves forward out of its current stuck point, and it might even resolve into something you love!

I'd like to take one of your courses. How do I know which one is right for me?

Yay! And great question! Currently all my courses are available inside the Happy Artist Studio membership, which all cover different aspects of the artist experience. 

Best is to use the form above to tell me a bit about where you’re at with your art and what you’d like to be doing. Include anything you feel is relevant, like any particular sticky areas or things you’re finding difficult or frustrating {or easy!}. Then I can make suggestions tailored to you!


I'm a newbie to art/coming back to it after a long hiatus, and feeling quite overwhelmed about where to start. What do you suggest?

First, a breath! 😊

I would start with a few blog posts – some of the best and most popular are linked in the sidebar for easy access. 

If you feel ready for more hands on guidance, the Happy Artist Studio is my artist membership. It’s composed of three parts: self study courses focused on making the art you want to make; a private community for asking questions and hanging out with fellow members; and monthly themes for exploring and creating your life as a happy artist! 

My final suggestion is take your time and allow it to be an ongoing process. Expecting to make art you love from the get go is sometimes a tall order, and even the most experienced artists make art they think is crap sometimes. It’s part of the process, not a sign that you’re on the wrong track. Stick with it! If you’re hearing the call, it’s in you.

I can't log in to a course I purchased

If you’re having trouble logging in, there are two main reasons why this is happening:

  1. You’re trying to do so with a different email than the one you signed up to the course with. Double check for typos!
  2. You need to clear your cookies and/or cache. << This is the most common issue! Please clear your cache first and see if that works.

Doing one or both of these usually solves the problem. If not, use the form above to contact me and I’ll help you sort it out!

Do you offer in person workshops?

At the moment my work is all online; that’s what works best for both those around the world who like to take my courses and for me as a reclusive introvert. 🙂

What sketchbooks do you use?

My favourite make thus far is Seawhite of Brighton. I like both the spiral bound and the cloth covered versions. The gsm is under 200 but they seem to stand up fairly well to all my layers and enthusiasm! They can usually be found on Amazon or other online art stores. In the UK I highly recommend Jacksons.

What paper do you use for your paintings?

Again, I love Seawhite Acrylic painting pads, A3 size. They are 360gsm, have a surface similar to watercolour paper, and stand up superbly to all the layers and water I throw at them. The paper isn’t buckle-proof {if there is such a thing}, but if it buckles I just put the painting under some books when dry and it flattens out fine.

What tape do you use?
Usually Paint Pro low tack masking tape. It’s the best I’ve found so far for not peeling off half the paper with it.

For all my favourite supplies:

Where do you get your wood panels, and do you prime them?

I use a variety of wood panels, but the ones I’m most commonly asked about are these, which come in sets of 5 from Jacksons. I don’t prime them! I’m a bit of a rule breaker like that. ????  I do use a matte spray varnish to seal them if I’ve used things like soft pastels or Sumi ink, which can smudge.

Would you be an affiliate for my product?

Thank you for thinking of me! I greatly value the trust I have with my community, and prefer to promote only products, books, or courses I have used myself. While I will always consider a product or book if asked, if it’s not something I would actually use or have genuinely found value in, then I would not be the best person to help promote your product. Thank you so much for your understanding and for helping me remain in the highest integrity with my audience.

Can I write a guest blog post for you?

Thanks so much for your interest! I don’t take guest posts at this time.