I hear that people who like cardiovascular exercise get a bit antsy if they don’t actually DO the exercise for a while. (I can think of better ways to get rid of calories and stress than by giving myself shin splints but that’s probably for a different kind of blog.)

ANYWHO, I can only relate in the sense that if I don’t make something or do something creative with my hands on a pretty much daily basis, I get that antsy thing going on, and if left too long it can lead to all sorts of disagreeable behaviour.

So you can imagine how I’m feeling right now after not doing anything but drive, sell things I HAVEN’T made and post out orders, for, oooh, at least a week.

(I’m not counting the ribbon rose, that really did take about 37 seconds to make and was therefore more of a non-inhaling drag than a full on shooting up session.)

Then I saw this on Karen’s blog:It’s actually from here. So I looked at those little festive lovelies and thought, ‘I could do that, that’ll be easy and quick’, which is all I have time for right now. (Gotta get my fix somehow.) I didn’t really bank on the sheer TEDIUM of cutting out 92748457 circles from old felt jumpers. But it was very pleasing to see them looking like this:

My colour palette isn’t as varied as the original but you work with what you’ve got right? And who doesn’t have a bit of wire lying around to poke through all the circles and fashion a beautiful flower, I mean, star, at the top?

Not too shabby! Not as good as the originals of course, but I definitely got my high, so. Mission accomplished.

PS. Much love and thanks to all those of you who made such sweet comments about Amber.