Creative Spark

(re)igniting your creativity with everyday wisdom

This book is designed to take you on a journey back to yourself, using your creativity as your lantern and guide. With everyday wisdom and life lessons that Tara herself has experienced, developed and uses regularly, you are encouraged and supported as you take steps forward into knowing and enjoying yourself as a creative being.

Whether you haven’t picked up a paintbrush in years or are simply finding yourself uninspired lately, you will find within these pages the opportunity to give yourself the joyful and liberating gift of your own creativity. In a simple format of discussion and inspiring images followed by prompts and ideas, and a bundle of resources at the end of the book, you are sure to find something to ignite your creative spark.

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Creative Spark by Tara Leaver

“This book does what it sets out to do. When I read it, I often want to set the book down and just go paint! It moves the reader away from the critical inner voice and draws us back into all the reasons we picked up a brush, clay or notebook in the first place. It’s a short little book, but it’s packed with wisdom.”

Wendy Molnar

“This book is EXACTLY what I needed to move myself out of a studio slump and push forward into a place of acceptance and patience with the process itself. Tara writes beautifully and honestly about how to give yourself creative freedom. Read this – I promise you won’t be disappointed and your art will move to a better place because of it.”

Robin Kalinich

“Beautifully written and illustrated, with helpful chapter summaries and peppered with inspiring quotes, Tara offers up a powerful treatise on the nature of art and creativity — that it is our birthright as human beings, not some special dispensation for a chosen few. Taking that further, she provides tons of prompts and suggestions on how to face down the blank page/canvas, all the way through to trusting in the process, along with advice on moving through the ugly phases and wobbly bits, to the finished piece.”

Melanie Leavey

“This book is beautiful! Both in appearance and in content. I’m an aspiring artist and a writer and I’m finding nuggets here that help me with both. A blank canvas and a blank page have LOTS in common! Thank you, Tara, for listening to your intuition and following your own creative spark! <3”

E. Adams

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Creative Spark book free sample chapter
Creative Spark book free sample audio chapter

“This is a marvellous little book, highly recommended!!” 

M. Valastro

“Thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring book written by a talented and gifted artist who shows us how to jump start our own creativity. Excellent read.”

S. Smyth

“A beautiful book and filled with so much practical wisdom and ideas. I love it, a little treasure.” 

N. White

“Fabulous. Can open to any page and be inspired.”

M. Radtke

I do so love your writings and everything that you do. I’ve read your book now three times and so love it. .”