“We do not always create works of art, but rather, experiments.
It is not our intention to fill museums. We are gathering experience.”

Josef Albers

Wish you were drawing more? Here are some ideas

Note: This post was originally an Artnote from 2018. I'm sharing it today to offer some support for your drawing practice, and to give you a little peek into what you can expect from Artnotes. If you'd like to receive letters like this in your inbox twice a month, you...

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Is it art if it took ten minutes?

  Recently I received a message on Instagram from @ruthwaldronart, asking a version of this question. It's one I've asked myself many times, and have often heard others ask. I've come to some conclusions about the answer for myself, and thought it might be...

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One simple tip for developing your paintings

  I love this one - it often tends to blow people's minds a bit when I suggest doing it in my courses, and it really can be so helpful for seeing with fresh eyes. What is it? Using a viewfinder. For anyone unfamiliar, a viewfinder is, at its simplest, a piece of...

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How do you know when a painting is finished?

I wrote a post about this six years ago {?!}. In some ways my work and perspectives have changed a lot since then, in others, less so. But it's a topic that bears revisiting, if only because it challenges so many of us. How DO you know when a painting is finished? {Or...

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Ten women artists who inspire me daily on Instagram

This month, in honour of International Women's Day {March 8th}, and to celebrate the reopening of my course that focuses on women artists, Artist Inspired II: The Women, I'm taking time to acknowledge the women who have inspired, supported, or motivated me, and who...

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28 Painting Prompts and Actions: A free download

Recently I've had a few paintings lying around that just seem to defy completion. Having tried all my usual tactics, I decided to create a kind of 'art magic eight ball' {magic art ball?!} situation for myself, as a way of attempting to bypass the stuckness and get in...

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artist + teacher + creative encourager

Welcome, artist friend!

I'm Tara, an artist, teacher, and creative encourager living in Cornwall in the UK. My work is about helping you find confidence and clarity in your process and expression as an artist.

I offer courses that focus on uncovering and developing what's unique about your artistic voice, loosening up for freedom of self expression, and a lighthearted but deeply meaningful approach to making art. I'm a big fan of action taking too, so you'll always find practical things to try here. Thank you for visiting!

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“It’s great fun to learn about how another artist is navigating her world. I like all the art tips too. You seem to simply want to help and nurture and empathize and share your experience. It’s a breath of fresh air." —Ellen Stoune

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