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The offerings are divided into categories to help you find what you need. And if you’d like access to everything from just $37, you’ll want to check out the Happy Artist Studio, my main membership for artists.


The 'I am an Artist' Challenge

Take the FREE ‘I Am an Artist’ 7 Day Challenge and change the way you see yourself.

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Most Mondays I’ll send you relatable  and useful stories, tips, and ideas you can take into the studio. You’ll also get access to occasional free mini courses and email series, discounts, and blog post updates, completely free!

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Make Cards from Your Art

You know that pile of paintings and drawings on paper you have stacked up in the corner, looking reproachfully at you? This workshop will help you put them to good use, in the easiest, most fun and relaxing way possible. Not to mention you end up with a batch of cards of your original art at the end, to use for any occasion.

Price: $9

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Painted Postcards

Have you been wanting to get off the ‘one painting at a time’ hamster wheel and try creating art in collections? This simple and doable workshop shows you how to put together your own collection of small original paintings, with very few supplies, to keep, give, or sell.

Price: $49

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Artist Inspired II

What if there was a way to be inspired by other artists that went beyond copying, or even being ‘heavily influenced’ by them?

What if you could actually use what you learned from those artists to inform, develop, and strengthen your own unique art?

There is, and you can. This course takes you on a journey with a selection of artists {who also happen to be women}, showing you how to take your inspiration and run with it as you develop your own distinctive style.

Price: $247

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The Way of the Happy Artist

If you could be an artist in exactly the way you want, what would that look like? The Way of the Happy Artist is more than a course – it’s a foundational program that will show you how to uncover your unique voice and vision as an artist, bring it to life, and share it with the world, with confidence, and so much more clarity. 

Currently closed for registration. {Although you get full access inside the Happy Artist Studio membership!}

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The Happy Artist Studio Community

The Happy Artist Studio is where it all happens! You get everything – art courses, monthly topics, Q&A videos, a discount on one to one mentoring – and a whole lot more, including a welcoming and supportive community of artist friends where you can share your work, and get encouragement and constructive {kind!} feedback.

Price: From $37

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Fresh Start

Haven’t picked up a brush in years? This mini membership is for the lapsed artists wanting to get back into their art but feeling overwhelmed by options and self doubt.

Price: $7/m

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One to One Mentoring Sessions

For when you’re feeling stuck or confused about your art, and would like some personalised support in finding clarity and a way forward with an artist who’s been there. One to one sessions are one hour chats on Zoom, where we clear the path and get you moving forward again.

Price: £135 / $175 approx

Happy Artist Studio members get a discount on every session.

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The Happy Artist Workbook

This workbook is an expansion and deepening of a blog post I wrote entitled ’14 ways to be a happy artist’, after a moment of clarity around what it means to be just that, from observing the principles at play in my own life.

I’ve developed it into this 45 page workbook so you can engage in this conversation for {and with} yourself, and to provide a means to explore and clarify your own personal artist journey.

Price: $27

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The Artnotes Collection [book]

Curated from a decade of the much loved Artnotes emails, this is a book of encouragement, stories, insights, and fresh perspectives for artists of all kinds.

Now available on Kindle and Paperback!

Price: From approx. £7.50

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Creative Spark [book]

My first book is for beginners and re-starters. It’s designed to take you on a journey back to yourself, using your creativity as your lantern and guide. With everyday wisdom and life lessons that I myself have experienced, developed and use regularly, you are encouraged and supported as you take steps forward into knowing and enjoying yourself as a creative being.

Whether you haven’t picked up a paintbrush in years or are simply finding yourself uninspired lately, you will find within these pages the opportunity to give yourself the joyful and liberating gift of your own creativity. In a simple format of discussion and inspiring images followed by prompts and ideas, and a bundle of resources at the end of the book, you are sure to find something to ignite your creative spark.

Price: From approx. £10

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My Creative Year [planner]

A planner for artists who don’t do planning! Many of us resist the word ‘plan’ when it comes to our creativity, but having a flexible framework you can adapt to suit your unique and specific needs can result in more accomplishments, more dreams coming true, and more fulfillment as an artist.

This planner contains a range of different pages you can print out and use according to your needs, including a collection planner, daily and weekly diary, and a range of other options designed especially for artists.

Price: £6

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Instagram Playbook for Artists

Make sure your best energy is spent in the studio! Create your own unique approach to using Instagram as an artist that doesn’t have you attached to your phone or feeling bad about yourself with this simple, printable playbook. {Like a workbook, but less intense. 😉}

Price: £6

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Happy Artist Mug

Every artist needs a special mug for the all important beverage to take into the studio! Especially when it says ‘Happy Artist’ on it. 😊👩🏼‍🎨 A fun and useful addition to your Happy Artist life, or a great gift for an artist.

Suggestion: Buy two in different colours – one for your drink, and one for paint water!

Choose from one of six colours, plus white {in two sizes}.

Price: From approx. £15

Get your coloured mug here

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Want all my courses {and a lot more} from just $37 a month?

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The Happy Artist Studio

It's a membership for artists who are ready to move beyond copying the artists who've taught them, to develop their own one-of-a-kind artist voice, and make the art they're really here to make.

With joy. And lots of experimenting.

Tara Leaver in studio
The Happy Artist Studio

​​​​​​​"I want to say a huge thank you for creating this Happy Artist Studio. You’ve already helped me such a lot by moving me on and allowing me to develop and take a huge leap to create the kind of art I knew I wanted to, but just didn’t have the confidence to tackle. But now being able to access so much material at once feels like a genuine luxury. I’m so glad that I found you in amongst the myriad of art support out there."

Sarah Stuart

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