Patience is a virtue.

But instant gratification ROCKS. I just watched Kirstie Allsop crafting her way through an episode of Kirstie’s Homemade Christmas and found this fab little thingo for when you need your crafting fix and have a) no time and b) a piece of that ribbon that has a wire in it. It’s almost embarrassingly easy.

1. Pull the wire out from one side of the length of ribbon.

2. Fray the edge by pulling some of the threads out lengthways. (I had to cut the very edge off to start this even after removing the wire.)

3. Pull the ribbon along the other piece of wire so that it ruches up.

4. Twist the ribbon into a rose shape.

5. Feel smug.

As demonstrated on Kirstie’s programme, you can use this rose for adorning gifts, decorating shoes, to make a brooch or a hair band/fascinator, or any number of ingenious things.