Sometimes I step away from the painting and drawing to make things with my hands. Like this project, which I found on Pinterest a while back, started at the weekend and finally finished the other day!

clay bowls 1

rolling out the air drying clay and pressing it into various receptacles

If I’m going to do a project, make a recipe, or do anything that requires instructions, they have to be super simple, brief, easy and make me think ‘I could do that, and I also want to’. Minimal ingredients, outlay and brain clenching; maximum satisfaction.

clay bowls 2

letting them dry. the stars were made with leftover clay and cookie cutters.

This project fulfilled all requirements, and also allowed me to go shopping for pretty craft paints and clay, none of which were expensive. {I managed to get most of them on sale.} I would have preferred the paints to be matte but I didn’t think to check. Never mind; the shiny will probably be a bit more hardwearing.


I spent some happy meditative time sanding and painting my creations over the last few days. I decided to leave the outside of the bowls unpainted, just sanded as smooth as I could get them. And look! They came out really pretty! I rather like their wonky quirkiness.


For the original project and instructions, go here!