how to create an inspiration deck

Jeanne, my Tai Chi and Reiki teacher and general Life Mentor, has a lot of sayings up her sleeve, picked up from reading and other teachers or made up by her. She gives nothing without testing it on herself first, and has given most of the 52 phrases or affirmations I used here to me repeatedly over the last few years. It’s good to have some so ingrained into you that you can call on them whenever you feel the need without having to think them up, and there are some I always go back to in moments of fear or doubt.

I have seen various affirmation card decks around the internet recently, from those you can buy from Amazon to handmade versions. I have a few decks of cards gathering dust and thought I’d make my own.

These cards are just little, about 7 x 5 cm, so perfect for slipping into a wallet or pocket or sticking up somewhere unobtrusively.

Here’s what I did:

~ Two layers of gesso on the back of each card until nothing showed through {I decided to keep the numbered sides unpainted, for variety}


~ Sanded down the gesso and trimmed the edges where it had glooped up


~ Painted washes and patterns of watercolour over the gesso


I got quite into it and made textures using a sponge as well as painting infinity shapes, circles, lines and spirals.


Then I let them all dry and considered how I would write the words onto them. The cards are too small for stamped letters, so I just decided to write them by hand. That way I could infuse more healing energy into them as well.


I love to write; I have several different handwriting styles and have always been one to play with what my writing looks like. I mostly used a loopy script for the cards. I had to do them without thinking too hard or the lettering would look awkward, which did happen a couple of times, but you know, I am human. We’ll say that that made them look more authentic.


I don’t usually like repetitive creation but using different colours, patterns and words kept it interesting enough to complete the set, as well as doing them in the evenings with something interesting to watch.


Here they are in sets so each one can be clearly read. I also went in with coloured pencils and did some colours and doodles on some of them.

oh BUGGER it, I’ve just noticed a glaring mistake in the second one! will have to try and rescue it




Some of them I don’t love so much but I’ve decided to give them away so I’m sure there’s one to suit each person who receives one. I’m giving them to Jeanne; she makes these amazing goodie bags for her clients from time to time with books, articles, little gifts, chocolates and all sorts of handpicked things to make you feel loved, and there’s always an affirmation card dangling off the handle. I figured she could always use more.


These were so satisfying to make. They’re just a bit of fun really but I hope that each person who receives them feels encouraged and supported by them.


If you’re interested in making your own cards as a way to strengthen your connection with your intuition {and because making things with your hands is essential to life 😉 }, you might like Practical Intuition, my two week in depth course. Click below to learn more!

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