21 things to love about making art


If you’re reading this it’s likely that you’re the proverbial choir when it comes to making art. {No preaching here mind you!}

HOWEVER. In light of the fact that we all experience and suffer from procrastination, resistance, fears, doubts, negative thoughts, criticism and whatever else, I think having a ready resource to lots of the reasons why you love making art is rather a good idea. 😉

So here is a nice list of reminders about why it’s awesome to make art.

Pick whichever one feels most zingy and energising, maybe write it on a post it note, and use it as your motivator to go make some art!


1. Art is a way to express feelings you can’t describe with words.

2. Making a mess as an adult is not generally encouraged, but incredibly liberating and fun. 🙂

3. Exploring materials, colour, line, texture and shape can be infinitely engrossing.

4. Art is a place to be curious and experimental without fear of consequences.

5. So many things you can do with it – keep it, frame it, cut it up and make cards with it, sell it, give it away!

6. Making anything with your hands is a way to access your true self.

7. Self expression is essential to a happy life.

8. Making art is a way to rediscover play.

9. Art makes a lovely gift, from a small simple sketch on a square of paper to a full scale canvas to adorn a wall.

10. You can never have too much beauty in your life.

11. Art creates connections, in sharing it or in making it together.

12. Making art opens a door to the peace inside.

13. Art truly can heal; it can soothe pain, ease grief, soften rough edges, even change lives.

14. Being in flow is one of the best feelings available to us, and it’s healthy and free!

15. Consciously choosing your innate creativity brings more opportunities to express it into your life.

16. Art supplies are portable! You can make art pretty much anywhere.

17. If you’re going to have a hobby, one that creates more beauty in the world can’t be bad!

18. You don’t have to be technically brilliant to be a joyful artist.

19.  Making art is an easy way to bring some lightheartedness and fun into your life.

20. You can make art without a huge investment.

21. Art opens doors you can’t even imagine until you start making it.


What would you add to this list?

Please share in the comments and let’s make this a collaborative effort! {See No. 11 😉 }