You might remember I did a post a while back about making a coffee table art kit.

Well what if you’re frequently out of the house, on the go, busy busy, but you still want to be able to bust out some art as often as you can because you know how good it feels?

Behold, the ‘on the go art kit’.

Cousin of the coffee table art kit but smaller {although admittedly not always in my case}, more streamlined and just as good for you.

I’ve included two versions here as I’m aware that my full size version is bigger than is practical for some.

And it goes without saying that you’ll put in whatever supplies you are loving most at any given time.

Switching up your contents from time to time stops things becoming predictable; I do suggest taking things you LOVE to work with though, always.

{I have included links to the supplies mentioned for ease, and they are affiliate links, just so you know.}

on the go art kit

Oil pastels

My favourites thus far are Mungyo Gallery Oil Pastels; soft and pigment rich like Sennelier and much less expensive.

Water Soluble Crayons

I love my Caran D’ache Neocolor II Crayons for so many reasons.

  • They are crayons and watercolours
  • you can layer them up and blend them
  • they soften beautifully and become smudgeable like oil pastels in the heat
  • the colours are jewel bright and rich
  • they last for ages
  • and you don’t need a huge tin to be able to create beautiful images. I have the box of 15 and it’s plenty.


My favourite are always by Seawhite, in particular the square Black Euro Spiral Hardback Sketchbook.

I’ve been testing out the smaller, clothbound hardback style and although a bit small for me it is perfect for when I don’t want to take the big one out.

I also like to have a choice between rectangular and square.

Reference Images

Since discovering that working with reference images is sooo much better for me than trying to paint from my imagination, these have been not only a great source of inspiration but also a catalyst to get to me make art, as just looking at them tends to wake up my artist self.

My reference images are like springboards, and allow me to experiment with colour combinations, subject matter, composition and mark making that I may not have discovered on my own.

They are so much more than something to copy.


No need to get fancy unless you want to.

I have a range but like softer pencils and tend to grab whatever I find first – usually anything between 2B and 6B.

In a way it makes more sense to use a mechanical pencil since you won’t need to sharpen it. I don’t use my pencil so much as I’m less of a sketcher and more of get-in-there-with-the-colours kind of person, but I do have an enclosed sharpener that I sometimes take with me.

Black Pitt Pens

I was given a pack like this assorted set by Faber Castell {although this set actually looks better!} which have been fantastic; they come in a range of tips from very fine to thicker brush style.

The brush tip ones are great for using over the Neocolors; the finer ones tend to slide on them. Here’s an example.


I like the sturdy white ones like this Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser, and am not really a fan of end-of-pencil ones although again, if you’re low on space that can be useful.

Water filled brushes

Or, as I just discovered they are called, Aquabrushes.

I’ve had my set of three for years and never used them, which was silly because now I am using them I absolutely love them.

Perfect with the Neocolors.

Baby wipes

A recent discovery and a revelation!

Great for blending and softening your oil pastels or Neocolors, for wiping colour off your Aquabrush bristles and for cleaning your hands after.

Optional extra:

Pencil case

I have so many of these it’s ridiculous, and what’s even more ridiculous is I’m not actually using one at the moment.

When I was having my colouring pencil phase I did; it really depends what you’re taking .


And check it! You could also look this cool with your art supplies slung over your shoulder as you head out into the world.



Tee hee.

What’s in your on the go art kit? If you don’t have one, what do you think you’d include  in it? Any revelatory or unexpected additions?