The thing about working at night is that your progress shots are all dark and shitty. But then they make the final image look better, so swings and roundabouts I guess.

Flowers in Her Hair sketch

profile sketch on paper

I’m finding Instagram to be a constant source of inspiration lately. I am not a fan of direct copying, mainly because it’s not cool but also because anything I try to copy exactly will inevitably disappoint me. I’d rather put my own spin on things.

Flowers in Her Hair

Adding watercolour

Besides, I want my work to be mine. But I will pick up a style, technique, colour scheme or shape, that catches my eye, and gradually the things that have struck me will weave together to become a piece on their own.

Flowers in Her Hair

Going in with black pen

Like this one. I started with a profile sketch, really simple, after seeing one randomly on Instagram.  I didn’t copy it, I just felt like doing a profile after seeing it. Then I wanted to add some Alisa Burke style flowers, as I did here. The inspiration for that came from here. Yes I am on a bit of an Alisa trip currently. 🙂

Flowers in Her Hair

Beginning to define the flowers, and darkening the blue background

The whole thing evolved over a few nights while watching movies on the sofa. I didn’t have any plans really, just picked up things I liked and put them together.

Flowers in Her Hair by Tara Leaver

Flowers in Her Hair
Pencil, watercolour and pen on A3 Bristol board

I like how she’s turned out; I like the contrast of the simplicity of the face next to the hectic vibrant flowers. I’m not too confident with shading but ‘fortunately’ I’m happy with the facial minimalism.

I kind of want to give her a name. Any thoughts? I’m thinking something graceful, self contained and aloof, like Agnes {the French way}, or Magdalena.