Inspired by miranda skoczek - an artist series looking at artists whose work inspires me to develop my own

My ‘Inspired By’ posts began as a way to explore what makes me tick as an artist, what I’m drawn to, what makes my heart sing, what I might want to try out in terms of marks or colour combinations or compositions. They are also a way for me to share the work of artists whose work I love. I don’t advocate copying other artists instead of making our own work, however inspiring they are to us, but I do believe that we can learn from each other on our solitary artist journeys. This website is dedicated to the philosophy that you have a significant and unique offering inside you, waiting to be released. I created a course to help you with this very thing, which you can find by clicking here. May you be inspired to bring forth what’s within you!

I am still finding myself drawn very much towards lighter colours in painting; I just want to gesso over everything! But I still love colour too. Interestingly Jeanne tells me she experienced this ‘leaning towards the light’ in her painting journey too, as she began to become more aligned with Source and to consciously operate from that perspective in all areas of her life. I still love bright and vibrant colours, but I am starting to yearn for soft, light, pearlescent shades as well lately, within the same paintings.


Which is probably partly why I am so drawn to Australian artist Miranda Skoczek‘s work. She incorporates delicious colour combinations {think hot pink, luminous yellow and zingy green with soft blues, greys and white} and leaves plenty of ‘white space’ in her paintings which to me counterbalance beautifully with the drawn and coloured areas.


Often including animals and symbolic shapes and lines, Miranda says:

I am committed to producing work loaded with positivity, and hope to engage the viewer physically, as well as psychologically. The built up layers afford the canvasses with a  sense of history, as I am constantly in a process of hiding and revealing.


You may know by now that any art that incorporates layers, drawn elements, mixed media, colour and symbolic imagery will get the thumbs up from me, and Miranda’s work pulls this all together beautifully.


I love these words from her too:

My work speaks of a desire to create sanctuaries for the self. It gestures towards fantasy, and a space where new meanings are actualised, and the everyday exoticised.


There is a wealth of Miranda’s work available to view online; this is just a tiny selection ~ go and feast your eyes!