I had an idea I had been mulling over for weeks, ever since I saw a stack of wooden pieces outside Jeanne’s house.


She let me take a piece to experiment on, and I developed the idea from a photo I saw on Instagram; just a simple hand lettered word on a piece of wood painted white and decorated with flowers.


Like most of my creative ideas, it had plans of its own and didn’t turn out QUITE as I’d envisaged, but since it was an experiment I’m ok with that.


I used some of the new things I learned doing Flower Crazy; I used watercolours instead of acrylic, and took a flower technique I learned from studying Alisa Burke’s flowers ~ splodge colour on, then use the shapes to draw in flowers ~ to decorate it.


I wrote out ‘namaste’ {the word Jeanne chose; I figured I would give the finished piece to her since it was her wood :)} on a piece of paper first, to make sure it was the right size and look. Then I used carbon paper to transfer it to the gessoed and sanded wood.


Then I doodled flowers all over the place, before finally going over the word with a waterproof black pen.


I had envisioned much more white space, and that lettering could use some work, but it was my first one {and possibly my last ~ there are very few things I like to do repetitively} and Jeanne loved it, so I’m happy. 🙂

Namaste - hand painted wooden sign