So there are some people who say they’re going to do a thing, like say, oh I don’t know, art every day for a month, and then do it.

And then there is me.


In the interests of not being mean to myself {something I’m working pretty hard on}, I shall withold all judgements, criticisms and beatings about the head. I would love to show you something painty and beautiful, but that’s going to be difficult since exactly NO painting has been done.

Not to worry though, I have made cookies, put together a last minute birthday card for my pa who turned 75 yesterday,

and spent several hours gathering paintings, making price labels etc for a gallery/cafe which is about to open in a village not far from Brighton. The owner emailed me out of the blue {except not, because I recently put out there that I want/need to sell some work to make space and enable me to buy more materials, and as we know the universe likes to say yes} saying she loved my paintings and would I like to be part of it?

{choosing paintings}

So I think that all counts as creativity.

{fairy paintings for the gallery}

Scratch that, it definitely does.

I am keeping up with AEDM on Instagram more than here actually, so swing by there if you have it, I’m @taraleaver. 🙂

Also I have been TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by the responses so far to my post asking The Four Questions {as they have come to be known, in my head}. If you haven’t chipped in, please do! I can’t tell you what a help it is to have some feedback, plus it will mean I can give more of what’s good and remove what isn’t, thus improving your reading experience. Oh, and there’s bribery. Everyone’s a winner.