Ok lovely peeps, today I would like to ask you a few simple questions and I would genuinely be filled with joy and appreciation if you would take a few moments to answer them. I know surveys can be a pain in the arse, but karmically speaking, filling them in gives you heaps of bonus points. Fact.

Please feel free to respond in the comments or privately if you prefer, via my contact page or just email me: tara@taraleaver.com. {You may like to do a quick copy and paste for speediness.}

Even if you like to pop by but prefer not to say anything {totally cool, I read several blogs without ever saying a word on them}, your input today will be very gratefully received.

Even if you have never been here before and don’t know me from Adam ~ please weigh in with any and all opinions! First impressions do count.

Even if you don’t necessarily feel that what I talk about is something you’d be interested in, you can still vocalise.

Seriously, don’t hold back. I know you’re busy and that To Do list is tugging at your sleeve, so I’ll be as brief as I can. Plus there’s a bribe.

{Really, how can you resist?!}

Quick Background For Context Purposes

I have spent the last few months HONING. Well, not just honing, but there definitely has been a lot of honing involved. As you may or may not be aware, I’m moving soon. Which is exciting really only to me, BUT part of that move will also mean a bit of a ‘career adjustment’, and for that I have been honing; ideas, dreams, plans, brainstorms, offerings, the works.

I’m so full of ideas now that it’s starting to get quite cramped in my brain, and I am at a point where I need to call on my peeps for some input to find some clarity.

Bribery Section

And because I’m not above a bit of bribery, all respondees will be put in a hat {by which I mean your names obvs, not your actual selves; that could be awkward} to win a one off original small painting featuring the quote of your choice. AND, two runners up will each receive two cards {with envelopes} of my art, to keep, frame or send.

Please get any and all opinions, compliments, curses and otherwise in by November 7th and enjoy the good karma that will surely follow. This is a heartfelt request and I really will value and use anything you tell me.

And now I will get to my Actual Point

Here are some things I would really love to know your feelings and thoughts on: {please answer any or all}

1. If you are a regular/frequent visitor here, why is that? {If it’s more than one thing, great. If it’s your first visit, same question!}

2. What is/are your favourite thing{s} that I write about? {eg: process shots of paintings, stories about things I’ve noticed/learned, other artists, techniques to try, photography, beach related things…}

3. Can you name anything you’ve found here that has inspired you to try something new, have more confidence in your desire to be creative, or otherwise prompt some kind of creative action from you?

4. Is there anything you DON’T like around here, or anything you have noticed that makes it a less than easy or interesting experience to hang out here? {Don’t be shy, I can take it. And if I don’t know, I can’t fix it.}


And… your work here is done! Fabulous, thank you so very much indeed! Go forth and be joyful, knowing you have done at least one Very Kind and Helpful Thing today and made someone really grateful.

And don’t forget you’ll be in the running to win an original piece of mini art or some art cards…