I met Catherine Redfern at the Do What You Love retreat last year.  Like all the peeps who attended she is a very creative lady, and she has come up with a really gorgeous way to get your To Do lists done. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have a to do list, whether it’s sliding about in their head, typed into their phone, or scrawled on various random pieces of paper and post it notes {my personal favoured method}. So if you live by lists this may be useful to you too.

Catherine has come up with a way to reframe this daily necessity, making it more fun and interesting and easy to do your to do lists. She calls it ‘Your Daily Quest‘, and describes it thus:

“Combining my love of cute stationery and getting things done (or at least trying my best to get things done) I’d like to introduce to you…”

She designed and created it all by hand; I really love the individually hand drawn words {might have to try that myself sometime}. It costs £9.99, which is a bargain frankly, when you consider that you can print the pages off whenever you need them FOREVER. And this is what you get for your moolah:

  • 31 unique, printable, re-usable forever DAILY QUEST worksheets in A5 and A4 format
  • How to use instructions and suggestions to get the best from the sheets (5 A4 pages)
  • Monthly Planner sheets (6 A4 pages)
  • BONUS: 20 of the best tips to get things done (6 A4 pages)
  • BONUS: Worried Square mini-zine (10 A5 pages)


I like to support other creatives in their work, particularly if I know them, so I bought this for myself, and already I’m feeling more organised and more inspired by my to do lists. Yay! See look, I printed them out and bulldog clipped them together:

And since I also have Friday today while D is away {she has tonsillitis, poor wee thing ~ didn’t even know dogs had tonsils! ~ and is resting a LOT}, here she is modelling the monthly calendar. 

I recommend this for you if you a) live by lists, b) have a pretty stationery fetish and/or c) could stand to be more organized. Since this covers most people, I suggest you take a look right now. 🙂 {I’m not an affiliate, I just think it’s groovy.}