I am finally home! It feels like I’ve been away a lot longer than a week, and I’m not sure everything’s been processed fully yet, but I’m busting at the seams to tell you about the retreat. You will be overjoyed to learn that it’s going to take more than one post. 🙂

an entire bag of presents for each of us from Beth,
including a handwritten welcome note

Here are a few photos of the retreat location itself; a place called Natural Retreats in the Yorkshire Dales. It’s an eco friendly self catering (but not for us!) retreat, broken up into lodges which can house up to six people. Beth had hired out the entire place just for us, with three of us in each lodge. We ate our meals in a TEEPEE, and those of us in Flora’s class spent our days in a marquee in the grounds.

In the evenings there were talks, Q&As and group discussions with creative business owners such as Flora Bowley (gorgeous paintings), Matt Stinchcomb (one of the founders of Etsy), Hannah Nunn (gorgeous lamps), Rachael Taylor (gorgeous textiles), Priscilla Jones (gorgeous 3D wirework and canvases) and Rachel Hazell (gorgeous books)!
The weather came and went. When it was sunny some of us painted outside, or we frolicked about in the field to loosen up for painting.
There were bunnies EVERYwhere. And it was a total treat to have all our meals provided, including a barbeque on the last night.
There was so much to learn and discuss and absorb; lots of us were constantly revelling in the fact that we were surrounded by other creative souls who were finding out what made their hearts sing and learning ways to make it into a living.

a small selection of the lovely people I met:( L-R) Jules, Kat, Rhiannon (my roomy)and Carissa

Everyone was supportive and kind and friendly and open. I laughed a lot, ate a lot and painted a lot. More on that tomorrow…