Remember this?

I wrote about it recently here.

Anyway, it’s now finished, and looks like this.

{No matter how hard I try, my photography and editing skills SUCK.}

Here are a few close ups:

It has many layers, this one. The one thing that’s bothering me now is the name. As you may know, usually my paintings tell me what their names are during the process. Occasionally that doesn’t happen and I am left with a nameless painting, and the option of calling it ‘Untitled’ which is a personal no-no for me.

All paintings mean something, and even if the artist doesn’t want to distract the viewer from drawing their own conclusions, calling a painting ‘Untitled’ feels like a cop out to me. It makes me feel sorry for the painting. {I know, I’m such an anthropomorphiser.}

So I’m asking for input please; perhaps you see something in the painting that I don’t, which would help me to name it. I may or may not use the suggestions, but daft as I am, I want this painting to know it has a place in the world. 🙂