Massive sad face. Today is the last day of DAPWYL. I think several of us are having some kind of mini breakdown about it, although in many ways it’s not really the end, more like a very exciting beginning.

2013-08-07 16.29.16

Meanwhile I’m painting up a storm. Here is a piece I did the other day; it’s not my fave, {and there may have been a tantrum involved} but it signifies some of my explorations into new territory, namely portraits, using paint in certain ways, and working from an image that has been majorly Photoshopped to make the colours more interesting and simplify the image.

2013-08-07 16.35.17

I had some frustrations creating this, and actually it may not be finished, but painting on paper is really helping me be more prolific and more able to call each one practice!

2013-08-07 16.45.59

I have yet to do my ‘final piece’ for the class, but let’s just say I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be a portrait.

2013-08-07 16.52.12

I have also come to terms with the fact that if I am going to draw and paint portraits of any kind, there is no point being attached to getting a good likeness.

2013-08-07 16.58.05

I admire photorealism immensely for the amount of talent and work that goes into it, but my area is emotions and feelings and looseness/expressiveness, so while none of my portraits look much like the reference, I do want to focus on learning about marks, colours, values and movement.

2013-08-07 17.41.53

I love paintings that are abstract or almost abstract, that you can see things in but also that are just about luscious colour and composition.


And also, because I have SO much time on my hands, I felt compelled to work out how to make my own blog signature using my own handwriting. So I did.

tara xo