Final part of the house tour! {Talk about dragging it out.}

Today, my studio, one of the top three reasons for buying this flat {the other two being proximity to, and view of, the sea, and the roof terrace}. It occupies a floor on its own, which means that not only is it lovely and large, but also I get stairs. I love stairs. Additional bonuses include keeping the art mess contained {mostly}, having a place to go to ‘work’ with a very short commute, and it has a tiny view of the sea down the road. I’ve also discovered with the recent hot weather that it’s super cosy on summer evenings.

Here it is as the former owner had it. Very full of storage and no paint mess {I just don’t get it; how does paint NOT get flung about?}.


On moving in day, all nice and empty and clean…

studio first day3

studio first day2

The little doors are very useful storageย  in the eaves. Tall people will need to stick to the centre area of the room. Even I, shortarse that I am, have bumped my head numerous times on those sloping walls.

Porthole alert! And butler’s sink. With a tap that comes out of itself and makes a hose.

studio first day

And here it is with all my art shiz in it.

dec31st12 (17)

Open shelving is awesome apart from when you want to make pretty photos. The thing is I just don’t think artist’s studios are supposed to be tidy. For one thing, creativity is not neat. And for another, tidying a studio is a good way to get back in the flow if things have got a bit sticky. Sometimes I just like to be around my art things.

dec31st12 (18)

I really like the pin board the previous owner left; good for rotating inspirational images. I use the desk area on the right as the ‘library’; all my art books and reference files live there, along with the cutting mat and storage boxes underneath {inexplicably empty still}.

dec31st12 (20)

I hung paintings all the way up the stairs which brightens things up and is handy storage. When I come out of this retreat and start the Creative Spark Sessions again I’m hoping they will also provide inspiration and encouragement to visitors as they come up the stairs.



Some little vignettes.

studio vignette

Who can resist pots of paintbrushes?

porthole view

I love to pretend this view is Parisian rooftops.

porthole view

There she is.

Boom. Done. Hope you enjoyed the tour. ๐Ÿ™‚