The name for this painting came from Jeanne. I was getting stuck on names that either felt twee or just plain boring, and new fields is very apt for me right now, so New Fields it is.

new fields 1

Step one – laying down watercolour and gesso

It’s another Flower Crazy painting, kind of a companion to Sea Flowers. I like the contrast of colours with that one, although it wasn’t intentional.

new fields 2

Step two – finding flower shapes and pulling them out by outlining with pencil, then a gesso wash around them.

I did not know you could make these cool little captions beneath photos! I learn all the best things by mistake. 🙂

new fields 3

New Fields ~ Detail

Again it was fun to pull it together under Carla’s calm guidance, and know that you were going to finish it and it wouldn’t be languishing in a dusty corner for months. I must find a way to be this accountable with my other paintings.

New Fields by Tara Leaver

New Fields hanging on the wall

It must be a confidence thing. I’ve been staring at some for weeks now and still not a clue what they need. Sometimes you have to weigh up whether it’s because it needs completely reworking, or that it needs you to look to artists that inspire you for ideas, or actually it IS finished and you’re just pushing too hard. Or something else!

new fields 5

New Fields ~ Detail including watercolour, gesso, acrylic ink, pencil and charcoal

I really like how this one turned out. The flower shapes annoyed me for a bit but now with the shading and details I’m happy with them.

new fields 6

It’s in my Etsy shop now along with Sea Flowers. They look lovely together actually but I think they can probably bear to be separated. 🙂

New Fields

New Fields
Mixed Media Painting on wooden panel
25 x 25 x 2.5cm