So Jeanne, my Tai Chi and Reiki teacher, and General Life Mentor, has been helping me Feng Shui my flat with a mind to bringing in more abundance in various areas of my life this year.

fish mobile01
Among recommendations for placement of my desk and various plants and fairy lights, was also one for a fish mobile. Funds are {temporarily!} a little tight since the move so I thought, sod it, I’ll make my own. How hard can it be?

fish mobile02

I’m happy to report the findings: Not That Hard. {Yay! Usually I’m the one to start a project with gusto only to burn out at the first sign of it looking complicated.}

fish mobile03

Then again, the promise of untold riches and joy is a marvellous incentive for finishing such a project. {And yeah, I did the first part of it at night so the photos are a bit crappy. Sorry.}

I didn’t really plan it, as that would be massively out of character {I only plan the big stuff, like the Creative Spark Sessions}. I started with a large sheet of thick paper taped down, some of my favourite colours in acrylic paint, a spray bottle and a brush.

fish mobile06

I sprayed the paper, dripped on some colours, spread them around with my fingers and then painted shapes and patterns over the top. No thinking required. I wanted them to be colours I’d actually like to live with; can’t go wrong with blues, aquas, a bit of purple and some silver.

fish mobile07

Then when it was dry I drew a quick fish shape in three sizes on the back and cut out a random {but even, obviously} number.

fish mobile08

I had some bamboo sticks so I used a kitchen knife to cut a piece off one of them {it’s all Totally Professional round here}, bought five little hook things, screwed them in at reasonably equal intervals and attached some silver thread. I love it when I just have this stuff lying about.

fish mobile09

I did lay out the fish to make sure they would balance visually, but ended up just sticking them wherever.

fish mobile10

Here is my set up: attach bamboo stick to table with tape. Pritt Stick the front and back of each fish to a section of the thread, making sure it’s horizontal and not lurching drunkenly up or down. {I figure, abundance fish are HEALTHY fish, so no drinking. Also, it’s more aesthetically pleasing and less like a five year old made it.}

fish mobile17

I found some little things to attach to the end of each string for stability ~ some plastic jewels, little silvery seahorses and a shell, if you’re wondering.

fish mobile16

And boom; done. Only took me a few hours in total. Oh, and I also glued some red ribbon {red is good for prosperity I think} to hang it by and put it in place as directed by Jeanne in an area where they will help the chi flow and make me very rich.

Kidding. Just, you know, abundant. 🙂

fish mobile12

Please try to look past the fact that I taped the whole shebang to the ceiling. I ran out of hook thingies. Fortunately artists don’t worry about such details.

fish mobile11

And actually, I’m pretty pleased with it! The fish all hang nicely and don’t crash into each other as I’d feared. And look, you even get a sneaky shot of my living room into the bargain.

fish mobile15

I know I still haven’t done the grand tour of the new home. It’s coming, promise. At some point.