Right, so I have now hung around twenty paintings at the Tollhouse Gallery and Cafe {as it will be known from tomorrow once it has officially opened} in Lindfield, a gorgeous picturesque village about half an hour outside Brighton.

You can see {through the magic of collage} what I mean here:

Here is the Tollhouse. {Website to be updated shortly.}

On my first visit to Lindfield, for my meeting with Jackie whose venture this is, I was cruising up the high street and saw this building, and thought ‘Oooh, how lovely and Shakespearian’, and it turned out to be where I would hang my paintings!

I chose my lighter coloured pieces as I felt the more vibrant, darker ones would overwhelm the space. Because it’s a very old house, it has little uneven rooms, quirky corners and wonky ceilings, and anything too dark would just crowd the rooms. My paintings are in the cafe seating area; I am so pleased with how they look!

I also have prints, cards and the tiny fairy paintings at the lower price points, so with the dreaded C word coming up super fast I’m looking forward to making some canvas-and-paints money!

The place has a lovely vibe, the people I’ve met so far have been relaxed and friendly, and I will definitely be popping by now and again for coffee and cakes to replace paintings as they sell.

And with my current favourite affirmation ~ Everything is working out perfectly for me ~ on a loop in my brain, I am confident of miracles. 🙂