This is a post I found on Scoutie Girl, which I loved so much I wanted to tell you about it. Carrie Schmitt, who wrote it, is an artist I recently discovered who paints beautiful vibrant canvases covered in gorgeous flowers. She very kindly gave me permission to publish her article here, so please, go ahead and enjoy her wise words!

How To Support An Artist Without Spending A Dime

“Autumn Blessing” by Carrie Schmitt – click for info

This is a guest post by Carrie Schmitt.

As an artist, kindness and positive feedback have saved me when I’ve wanted to give up on my artistic journey, which for many of us are full of ups and downs. Not all artists are like me, but I know many personally that are. So this is our list of how important you are to our success.

Encourage us.
A kind word can motivate artists for weeks to keep creating. If you are attending an art event, talk to us. We love that!

Leaving a kind comment on a blog, Facebook, or other social media has the same inspiring effect on us.

Share our work.
Whether it is by word of mouth or through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), sharing artwork you love is a huge compliment and help to artists who are trying to get their work out there.

Have a blog? Write a review or invite the artist to do a guest blog post. Have a “Favorites” list? Include artists that inspire you.

Pick a few of your favorite artists and consider yourself a modern day patron dedicated to supporting their creative endeavors. It’s an act of community service! Everybody — individually and collectively — benefits from the arts in physical, psychological, and spiritual ways.

Create a wish list.
Ask for artwork for birthdays and other holidays. Let your friends and family know that you like to support artists, collect artwork, and value handmade and original items.

Tread lightly.
Focus on artwork that moves you rather than criticizing art that does not. This might sound like an obvious statement, but several of my artist friends have received negative and downright hurtful comments about their artistic ability on their blogs. Art is very personal to the artist and is often a reflection of our souls. It is an act of bravery to share your art — honor that.

Walk in our shoes.
You are one of us. You are creative by the very essence of being human. Create something. Notice how it makes you feel, how it affects your energy and mood.

There is part of our own personal story infused in each piece we create. Each piece can also represent hours of joy, frustration, questioning, confusion, and exhilaration. We are sharing a piece of our soul with you; there is emotion, hope, dreams, breakthroughs, realizations, and exhilaration in each piece we create.

Art is so much more than art. It is an internal human experience in visual form.

Art is a powerful and moving experience. Take the journey with us. Let’s create something beautiful together.

– – –
Carrie Schmitt is an artist and writer who believes in the transformative power of kindness and gratitude. Her paintings, created in her mountain farmhouse in Washington, are known for their color play and vibrant energy. Sometimes she can’t sleep at night because she is so excited to paint the next day. You can check out her website, and find her on Facebook and Pinterest.