Sometimes I can hardly bear how amazing technology is. It took me less than a minute to make this collage, and I completely love it!

a very exciting collage of photos

I also love the painting, which helps. I’m experimenting with paler colours. I had to push it back SO much with the gesso, it was quite an excercise in restraint! But look at those lovely textures!

One of my favourite sayings in the studio is ‘gesso is my friend’ {that’s a Tara original, you can totally tweet it, haha}, mainly because it REALLY IS. I used loads on this little painting, and I found that using the foam brush in a dabbing motion made it all nice and textured.

In case you’re wondering, I also used lace, some lineny fabric, a bit of dress pattern, and an EE pencil {didn’t even know I had that}.

a teeny tiny mixed media painting