Sometimes you don’t know what you need until someone gives it to you.

Today I was given some heartfelt words from someone I’ve never met that brought about some quite unglamorous sobbing {although let’s face it, that’s not uncommon at the moment, the tears thing}, and I realised that I hadn’t known that I needed to feel seen until I was.

Actually I usually dread feeling seen, but now I think about it there’s seen and then there’s seen.

The first is the kind where you feel exposed and put on the spot, like in that dream about being naked in public, or on stage with no clue of your lines.

The kind I felt today was the sort that makes you feel like you have a glow around you; you feel comforted and almost literally warmed by the fact that someone out there has in some way benefitted from you baring your soul through words and pictures and just trying to be honest.

I feel grateful and comforted and slightly in awe, actually. I suppose when you have this not-so-secret mission in life {and we all have one, secret or otherwise}, and then you find out you’re actually accomplishing it, or have at least begun to in some small way, awe is a definite result of that.

{I know that you guys all have this mission too. So many of you are artists or ~ I’m searching for the right word ~ those who dance, shall we say {as opposed to those who do not hear the music}, that I know you know what I am saying here.}

We don’t want to help people, or change the world in whatever small {or large} ways, or share our creativity so that everyone will congratulate us {although that’s totally allowed, of course!}. We do it because it’s who we are, and we don’t know how to be different. And because we want to give something.

But to have that recognised is really something.  And I just wanted to share that because I think you will all have had similar experiences. In fact I’d really love to hear about them. I’d love to celebrate all the ways we’ve been seen and honoured by others who most likely we’ve never met because of the nature of blogging. Please share if you would like to. And also please know that I see you, just by virtue of you coming by and leaving a few words from time to time. They show me something about you.  And even if you don’t leave words, we are still connected and I am very happy for your presence.

You are always welcome here.


The images are just some playing I’ve been doing with Pixlr. I’ve been combining my love of quotes with random paintings from my sketchbooks and sharing my efforts on Facebook. Clearly there’s some further learning to do here. {Looking at the chopped off words in the last one.} Isn’t there always? 🙂