Hello lovelies

Thank you for all the love and support you’ve sent since my last post. It has been a great comfort.

Jeanne always says to me ‘change is the only constant’, and this past week may have been my most profound lesson yet in that particular perception. I am keen to maintain the ratio of mainly-art-and-just-a-little-learning-and-wisdom-I-pick-up-along-the-way here, but let’s just say that where I previously had a lot of stories and old programmes around the ‘Disney’ perspective on love and the ‘loss’ of it, a veil has at least been partially lifted now.

Believing that my relationship with the man I love had been lost and irreparably broken was intensely painful, and not in fact true. Nothing is lost, only changed. I can sit in the pit of despair or I can embrace the new form our relationship is taking.  A period to grieve is perhaps still necessary, but now a new present and future open up in front of me, where the connection we share is still very much alive, and I also now have the freedom to explore what comes next for me.

And that’s pretty exciting! There is a tiny glow starting to form at the end of the tunnel as far as selling my flat and buying and moving into the new one are concerned. It feels like it’s taking forever but I’m reliably informed that around three months is normal.

I am writing a book. I have decided to treat myself to the self study version of Jen Louden and Michele Lisenbury Christensen’s TeachNow course, in preparation for running art sessions from my new studio once I’ve moved. I have been spending the past few weeks brainstorming, making notes, researching and planning. I will talk more about this later but the fundamental premise is to offer a safe, supportive space for people wishing to explore or rediscover their creativity. The book dovetails with this and I will shortly be putting another page on this website for further information.

Today’s photo is a little sketch I did of one of my Buddha statues. I drew it without looking at the page, then played with watercolour pencils, pen and charcoal.