I’ve been thinking. Uh oh.

About passions ~ mine, specifically, and what I’m going to do with them. And why I haven’t already in some cases. While trolling around the interwebs this week I came across Laura Simms of Create As Folk. Laura “illuminates creative businesses” as she puts it; in fact her whole philosophy is connected to light, which I love.

I have basically devoured her whole site in the last day or so, signed up to the newsletter, made the most of the freebies, the works. And only a tiny bit because I love the colour of her website. 🙂

I really enjoyed the ebook she has produced in collaboration with other creative business owners, “From Passion to Profit”, which is all about… well, what it sounds like, actually. I particularly liked her section about creative business myths, and Rebecca Leigh‘s section about fear and courage.

The whole thing added fuel to my glowing embers of excitement about the new dream home with the new dream studio and how I might use that to reflect and grow my own passions; creativity, painting, healing, adding value and meaning, and a new one for me, connection and community. I have brainstormed and daydreamed and things are coming together in my mind, although of course nothing can be test run {runned?!} until I’m fully installed there. But it’s all percolating away.

Here’s a painting by new-to-me artist Olga Gouskova entitled ‘Passion’; appropriate in both name and the fact that I love a figurative painting. Oh and painting is one of my passions, not that you’d guess that lately, but it is, actually.