This puppy has been finished for a week or two, only I didn’t know it was finished til the other night. I just suddenly ‘realised’. Which is cool because I couldn’t work out what more it needed.

These progress shots don’t seem to start very early on, but it gives some idea of how it came together.

What’s also cool is it seems to be one of a building theme, which incorporates colour and figures in a slightly abstract way. I think it’s being heavily influenced by Nia actually; I’m still averaging three classes a week and it seems to impact my whole life. As my teacher says, ‘the wind blows everywhere.’ I think about dancing all the time!

It is hard to describe that internal ‘click’ I feel when I’ve added colour and lines intuitively for a while and then I SEE it, the image the painting wants to be. It’s kind of a buzz actually.

The colours in this one make my heart beat faster! I’m so happy with the figure, which just emerged on her own; I couldn’t have created that sense of a movement captured if I had painstakingly tried. It makes the paintings feel like they’re out of my control, which is both a relief and a bit frustrating at times.

Anyway, I’ve called this one ‘Move’ and it’ll be available in my shop shortly.

PS. Thank you so much for all the lovely supportive comments about the work I produced during my pen and ink class. It was really encouraging and is helping me keep the creative momentum going! xx