Hi guys. Sup.

I’ve been very lax on the art front the last few days. Actually that’s not true. It just LOOKED like it because it’s all been going on inside. Some of it came out today though, yay!

D and I went down to the seafront and set up camp on the promenade. On a sunny Sunday there’s no shortage of passers by, aka potential purchasers of art. For D anyway, I was just sketchbooking it today. D set up a little gallery, we appropriated a bench, and Friday… was also there.

Here he is at work.

Anyway, back to me. 🙂 I was mostly just colouring in today. Actually this one I coloured in a few days ago, with water soluble pencils. The only thing I like about it is the composition, and that is borrowed.

Moving swiftly on. I do love this one {below}, both drawn and coloured today over some collage and gesso I did last night. I’d like to add more in the space above the figure, but it wasn’t forthcoming.

I’m very keen on the idea of symbolism and wanted to put in images relevant to my thought processes recently. Still drawing a blank. Literally. 😉 I’m happy with the shapes though. This goddess painting that still hasn’t emerged is slowly taking shape in my head and there will definitely be some combination of figure and abstraction.

I really like this one too. Again with the figurative abstraction.

This one was totally new on the page today, over some coloured inks I’d been using up a while back. I find her slightly haughty and cold, but then I had been saying to myself I want to move away from the innocent little princess faces I’ve done so often.

And here is Frides, who had to be put on a lead after running away to the cafe and not coming back. Naughty.

EDIT: Every post lately I’ve been wanting to tell you {and forgetting} about my new Picnik Substitute Discovery – PicMonkey. For those of you who are properly bummed out about the imminent disappearance of Picnik, Picmonkey is the solution. Mainly because it appears to be Picnik with a different name. Seriously check it out, all your favourite editing tools and effects are there. YAY!