I didn’t know whether I wanted to post these sketches; I did them the other night while watching Bones so I wasn’t fully focused on them, and was kind of surprised-verging-on-disturbed when I really looked at what I’d done. They’re not a whole lot like my usual productions!

I’ve been wrestling with a particular demon lately, and I wonder if my current reading matter and my horrid dreams are all contributing to producing what can really only be subconscious purging.

Then I read Pauline’s post about how art is expression of self in any given moment, and I thought do you know what, actually I do want to post these because they are stepping stones on my creative and spiritual journey and are as valid as any aesthetically pleasing piece, maybe more so in some ways.

Lately I’ve been noticing how I’ve been posting more for you than for me, which was not why I started this blog and certainly reflects the presence of my people pleasing demon, who is leading me on a merry dance of late.

I love that you are here, but ultimately I am creating my own path by walking it here, and that means not hiding ~ including and especially from myself ~ the parts that aren’t as pretty. As in art, so in life, or something.

As Pauline says ~

Art allows me to honour and express

my own truth at the time.

Exactly! I am learning {apparently the hard way} how to do that in my life, so of course it is tied in to my creativity.

These wonky, rough sketches, with their tinge of anger and frustration and confusion, remind me of art I used to make as a teenager {what can I say, they are trying times!}.

I guess I don’t find them that disturbing, they are quite familiar really. I actually like this yellow one more each time I look at it.

And really, it’s not all about pretty girls and joyful colours is it? We must embrace all our parts, not just those we are happy for the world to see.