I’m back. Almost a month of amazing experiences in Indonesia and Malaysia and I don’t even know where to begin. So I’m starting with a quick peek into my sketchbook from my time away, and will follow up with as few photos as I can manage! {I took hundreds so brace yourself.}

I didn’t do a whole lot of art but here are a few of the more developed sketches I did, plus a drawing by a little boy of nine named Bobi in Lombok, who marvelled at how many pencils I had and asked if he could have a go. He worked so carefully, and didn’t even want to keep his masterpiece when it was finished; a great lesson in letting go for me!

You may notice a theme to these… apparently I can only do faces now. Probably just a phase; they are easy and quick when you want to just move a pencil around. There was so much inspiration out there I look forward to seeing how that comes out in future paintings.

{this one below is my favourite, and the only one I did with acrylics;the others are pre~prepared inkblots and water soluble pencils}

It’s good to be home. 🙂