Remember a few months ago when I had a stylist and photographer come round from Style at Home magazine to shoot my home?

Well I am now officially in print. 🙂 Eek. It is VERY weird to see my name like that. I hope I never become famous. {Unlikely.}

I wrote the main text but I can tell it’s been slightly edited. Some of it doesn’t really sound like things I’d say!

Louise and Olly really did make my house look amazing. I can’t believe how tidy it was then! {Just for that one day.} I wish I was more photogenic but there it is. My hair is completely different now too so it almost feels like it happened to someone else!

Still, I’m very pleased with how it came out and I think my younger, interior design obsessed self would be too.

Yes! You too could be as stylish as me, in three buys! 🙂

I think this is my favourite bit; a close up of my extremely organised {ahem} basket storage system and a view from my studio into the hall, where my ‘gallery’ of paintings is. You can see my much loved apron on the right there. This all has a good feel to me.

There’s my bedroom {I can barely recognise it in this minimal state!} with my lovely cushion by Karen on the bed. I do love the wallpaper. I went through about fifty samples before deciding on that one.

There were three pages after the main spread which took ideas I’d used and developed them. There are some great ideas but it did make me laugh. I don’t know why. Probably because I’m a bit immature.

I do have a beautiful home, partly because the bare bones of it and the energy here are gorgeous, but also I will give myself at least some credit for pulling together colours and furniture to make it a really comfortable and cosy place to live. All the rich bright colours remind me how far I’ve come in terms of how I see the world these days and what I’m prepared to give to myself compared with in the past.

Time to think up a new dream. 🙂