Oh my god you guys! I went to my first Nia class this morning, and I am an instant convert!

It was just awesome, and I don’t use that word lightly. If I could invent a dance class to suit me perfectly that was it. Not too many people {around ten of us I think}, a very friendly and welcoming group of women, really lovely inspiring teacher, fabulous loud tribal type music with those beats that get right inside you, bright studio, and no difficult routines to learn, just continuous movement for one hour. I built up quite a sweat, but the pace alters perfectly between fast and slow so you never feel exhausted.

I’ve been wanting to get back into my body for some time now; I’m such a ‘brain’ person and although I used to dance and do yoga, I’d really lost touch with myself in that way. It was like coming home. My body just woke up! Magical.

Enough with the gushing!

The side effects were that I’ve been buzzing all day, and am consequently very much in flow {which is good ’cause I have a commission to work on that’s been resisting me}. Small Stones poured out of me on the beach, as well as a sketch for a painting I want to do which will be called Ocean Goddess. A friend called me that the other day {the ultimate compliment!} and of course I immediately wanted to make a painting of it.  D the Artist Friend is also going to do a painting by the same name {at least that’s the plan, he’s leaving the country for flipping ages soon so we’ll see!}; it would be interesting to see how we both interpret it. I may never use the sketch I made, but it’s a step in the right direction.

So here are the visuals {and the orals?!}…

no waves today

only wrinkles

furrowing the water skin


the water, contained by stones and wall

breathes itself in and out

like a mercury jellyfish



the sea strokes the stones.

it loves them.

in its wake they tumble in delight


looking up at the sound of crunching, I am amused to confront a tiny blonde Crusader

marching sturdily across the stones.

a miniature warrior, complete with chain mail headgear

and a most determined expression.

Whatever her crusade is, it mostly involves marching.