I wanted to wait and post this once Danny got his website up and running but it’s taking too damn long and I have no damn patience. 🙂


I have invested in a painting!

I don’t buy original art too much because my taste is very large and expensive {natch}, but now and again I get that spark in my insides that says ‘this one’s for you’, which is what happened with this painting, before it was even finished actually.

It’s an 80 x 80cm oil painting by Artist Friend D, also known as Danny Ager {hard ‘g’}, and I was lucky to snap it up before it was finished as it was unsurprisingly very popular.

Danny is self taught and has been painting since forever. He does very distinctive seascapes, among other things, although the sea is as much a part of who he is as it is for me, so it’s a recurrent theme.

He has shown me how to paint clouds and waves but I’m more about the big mess than the careful attention to detail, generally speaking.

This painting gives me so much joy. I’ve hung it in the kitchen {see crap photo below} and I am just mesmerised by the moonlight and the geese flying in formation and the colours.

So until I can fly south myself, I will keep an eye on the geese.

And when his site is ready I’ll tell you about that too.


PS. He says to tell you ‘I’ll take the year of brownies and maple syrup if they’ll up the offer to a quid’.