An artist's gift list - present ideas from practicing artists

For the past few years I’ve shared artist’s gift lists here on the blog, usually based on my own wishlist and recommendations of supplies I love and use.

This year I decided to put a call out on Instagram to see what other artists are hoping to get this Christmas {or any time, let’s be honest!}.

Here are some of the inspiring suggestions {/requests!} that came in:

{Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means if you purchase any items with them I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!}

@beverley_faye_artConcertina sketchbooks.” {To which I say, always! 😉 }

Concertina Sketchbooks

@momseifert “A really nice apron with my name on it, really good acrylics in my 6 favorite colors, leather-bound sketchbooks, beautiful papers, fountain pens….”

@brendabrudetart  “Rosemary and Co brushes.

{I have this set and love it – I use it for oils but you could also use it with acrylics, gouache, watercolour… you name it! The brushes below were purchased individually and are mostly Filberts, a Hog Almond Flibert, and a Cloud Nine.}

Rosemary and Co paintbrushes

@kcyama  “Anything that helps to reduce waste! Golden’s waste water kit; HDPE table covers to eliminate palette papers.”

@mondosteph  “Honestly I love getting a surprise medium I don’t usually use. My husband gifted me with some Tombow markers for my birthday and I usually just use ink and watercolor so that was really fun to try. Handmade sketchbooks from Etsy are fun too.”

TomBow Brush Pen set

@lalymille  “A whole set of the Daniel Smith watercolors that are made from semi-precious stones. 🦋  I think they’re called Primatek.”

Daniel Smith Primatek Watercolour Set

@anj_the_artist Rosemary and co brushes, stay wet palette and paint tube squeezer!”

@harpersydney  “I love to get special sketchbooks as gifts, either handmade or purchased. The downside is that sometimes they feel too special to use. 😂  Things I would like to get – a painting apron, special paints like the Primatek series or some of the Golden kits like their medium sample or even one of their product samplers, and handmade papers for printmaking, painting, or collage. Years ago I received a set of a variety of oriental papers that I still use.”

@mom2h  “A set of high quality colored pencils or brush markers. And a gel plate. Beginner stamp carving set.

coloured pencils

@linhughes22  “I really have every thing I need but I like the sound of the Canson Mixed Media sketch books because I have several beautifully bound books that I haven’t used because they are too good to spoil.🙄😱 ”

Canson Mixed Media sketchbook

And finally, a couple of my own suggestions! 😉

How about a Happy Artist Mug for studio upliftment and holding of beverage? 😊 ☕️

Happy Artist mug

Or a printable artist’s planner, designed to be super flexible and fun for artists who don’t do planning {and those who do!}.

I created one that I’ll be using next year, and it’s available in my Etsy shop for the cost of a couple of coffees. ☕️ ☕️ 😊 👩🏼‍🎨

My Creative Year: A flexible, printable planner for artists who don't do planning

Some great ideas there to investigate for the artists in you life {and yourself!} – what would you love to receive?

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