A gift guide for artists 2020

I don’t know about you, but I love a good list. And what better than a list of lovely art things to give to loved ones, or to let them know what you’d like?

Thus – and because we’re coming up to that time of year – a gift guide for artists, to suit varying budgets and artistic interests.

I will just say, if you can shop local for your gifts – especially this year – that’s always a worthwhile effort. Our local artists and small businesses need support more than ever right now.

{It’s also ok if they don’t always have what you need. 😊}

*Most of the items have two different links – one in the text and one in the image – and some are affiliate links. That means if you purchase anything using my links I receive a very small amount without extra cost to you.

Gold flake paint

I don’t own this {yet!}, but I know an artist who does and loves it, and it looks so fabulous, and so fun to use, it’s definitely on the list.

Click here or the image below to find out more.

Gold Mica Flake by Golden


Schmincke watercolour paint in Glacier Green

I bought this because it looked pretty {totally a valid criterion}, and am completely enchanted by it. It’s one of a limited edition collection by Schmincke, which separates into two colours when it dries. This one is a soft blue with a lovely earthy red. The magic is that it looks like plain blue until it’s dried.

Click here or the image below to learn more. {There are other colours of course!}

Schmincke watercolour paint

Liquid Charcoal

Another one on my wishlist, as a lifelong charcoal fan I am definitely going to have to try this at some point!

Click here or the image below to find out more.

Liquid charcoal

Concertina Sketchbook in A4 size

I’ve been using the A5 size for years, but when I discovered there was an A4 size, I obviously had to try it.

True, it doesn’t fit in your back pocket, but it’s so lovely to have more space to work in, and there’s something very satisfying about opening it out at that size.

Click here or the image below to learn more.

Working in my A4 Seawhite Concertina Sketchbook

Artist’s Backpack

For artists who love to work and play in the great outdoors! I treated myself to one of these this year and it’s been invaluable in keeping all my art things together for plein air jaunts.

It’s quite large, but that means it can hold big sketchpads and even a drawing board. Although it’s pictured here in its ‘side carrying’ format, it’s also a back back you can wear vertically. The separate pockets make it easier to find stuff too.

Click here or the image below to learn more.

artist's backpack

365 Days of Art by Lorna Scobie

I gave this to my art loving niece last year, and by all accounts she loved it. She’s 10, but this would make a good gift for any age really {it’s actually aimed at adults}, especially for someone just starting out in flexing their artist muscles.

Click here or the image below to find out more.

365 Days of Art


A set of cards is a lovely gift, especially in times when we can’t necessarily be in the same room as the people we love but want to connect with care.

Lots of artists offer these, and they’re a great way to own art affordably. Most people who buy mine end up keeping and displaying them!

I occasionally create limited run sets of cards around a theme – at time of writing there are a few sets left of the ‘Winter’ theme. Click here or the image below to learn more.

Set of 5 'Winter' greeting cards | Tara Leaver


I recently launched a print shop on my website, after increasing enquiries about them. You can find a small collection of prints of some of my most popular paintings here.

Each print is available in two sizes that fit standard frames, and have crisp white borders ready for framing. A great way to own my art if an original isn’t on the cards right now.

Spring Greens print | Tara Leaver Spring Greens print | 10 x 8″ – one of the most popular prints

For Pigment Lovers

Lauren Sauder has just written a book about making and using pigments from your local landscape. Her Instagram and website are a feast for the eyes. I’d love the book but shipping to the UK is expensive – if you’re in the US and into pigments though you’re going to want to check this out!

Lauren has plenty of other pigment related loveliness in her online shop too, including pigments you can use if you don’t really want to get into making your own.

Click here or the image below to see her offerings.

Lauren Sauder - A Geology of Color


I hope this gift guide for artists has given you some ideas! What’s on your wishlist?

Further Ideas