Secrets of an online art teacher - an interview by Terri Belford of Inspired Livelihood with Tara Leaver, online artist, teacher and creative encourager

Earlier this year I was invited to contribute to a new course aimed at those wanting to start teaching online or in person in the creativity arena.

The course was created by Terri Belford of Inspired Livelihood, and comprises of a pdf absolutely packed with information and resources about every possible form of teaching you can imagine, alongside a series of interviews from ‘Inspiring Teachers‘, hence the name of the course.

The teachers included a range from relative unknowns like myself to more well known names, such as Jennifer Louden and Patti Digh. There are published authors, workshop leaders, online course creators, and teachers of all kinds of creativity related topics, from writing to art to photography. All share their experiences and insights, as well as a wealth of practical tips learned from often erratic paths to their current work.

The course is now available with instant access so you can take it at your own pace. Even if it’s not something you’re interested in right now, you might enjoy my interview, which you can listen to below. In it Terri and I talk about how I got started, why I was convinced I could never teach courses, and some of the lessons and gifts teaching online has brought to my life.

So here are my ‘secrets’. Of course they’re not really secrets. 😉 Although I remember a time when the things I know now seemed like deep mysteries! But if you’ve been considering branching into teaching something creative online, or even if you’d like to hang out with Terri and me and listen to us chat, you might enjoy pressing play on our conversation below.