Interview on the Artish Plunge Podcast

It was my great pleasure to talk to Kristy Battani in an interview on the Artish Plunge podcast recently, and I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you today!

Kristy and I crossed paths when she asked if she could read my blog post, Swimming Lessons for Artists, on her podcast as part of a series she runs. {She has a lovely voice so it’s worth a listen.}

And when she asked if we could take the conversation further, of course I said yes, again!

Kristy asked some very insightful and thought provoking questions, and I learned a few things about myself, which is always the sign of a good conversation I think!

You can listen to it here, find it in your podcast app, or scroll down to listen to it in this post, and read the beautiful description Kristy wrote!

Tara Leaver interview on the Artish Plunge podcast