two years of Creative Spark

This time two years ago my book had just been published!

The full story behind it is laid out in the posts linked to below, but let’s just say there was the usual amount of ‘I always wanted to write a book’, followed by a long long {long} period of not writing a book because I didn’t feel I had enough knowledge, wisdom or experience.

Then came a sudden impulse {and – apparently – enough knowledge, wisdom and experience!} to write one, which I did in ten days. That was the fun part. Editing is a whole other story. {Not a fun one.}

If you’d like to know more about any aspects of the book, simply click on the buttons below. 🙂

The book’s – and my – journey in two parts:

the story of creative spark part one {complete with adorable pictures of me when I was very young}



the story of creative spark part two

{which details what the book is about, who it’s for, and how it could help you}.




creative spark book reviewsIf you’d like to know what others have said about it. {There may be more on Amazon but I never go there because, you know, just in case.}




about self publishing a book And if you’re curious about what self publishing a book is really like.




creative spark book free chapterIf you’d like to sample a free chapter.





creative spark book free audio sampleIf you can’t be bothered to read the free chapter but are curious about the book and maybe also what my voice sounds like {about twelve, by my reckoning}, there’s an audio version now available. This is my first ever audio recording. It was actually really fun to do and now I want to record All The Things.



creative spark book on amazonThe book is available to purchase on Amazon, since the last copies were scooped up from my Etsy shop earlier this week. If you would prefer to buy a copy from Etsy {which means I can write a little note in it and sign it}, please let me know by emailing me at, and when the numbers hit the minimum I’ll order a new batch.