So happy! I hadn’t really realised that I was creating a kind of landscape triptych, but that seems to be what’s happened here. I have just been beavering away in the studio as one idea after another is generated from the See.Feel.Paint course.

They are currently lined up in my living room and each time I see them it’s giving me a little rush of painty joy.

I shared the process of Sands last week, so this is the process of the other two, and then you can see them all together at the end. {Because they look awesome together. 🙂 }

This first one, Down To The Sea, is taken from a photo of the path down to the beach near my parents’ house.


In the photo there is a huge puddle taking up most of the pathway, which reflects the sky.


I didn’t really have a colour scheme in mind for this one, although I knew I wanted it to be ‘non local’ colours of course. 🙂


Initially I wasn’t loving my choices; it’s funny how the instinct is to make it true to life, even when I don’t want to do that.


I particularly love how the fence posts on either side turned out; that really works for me. I think I’ve managed a good balance of horizontals and verticals too, something we’ve been looking at in class.

Down To The Sea by Tara Leaver

Down To The Sea :: acrylic on canvas :: 30 x 30cm

Next up, Blue Mountains.

in the studio/tara leaver

This one was inspired by a painting of Pauline’s called Easter Sky. The challenge was in balancing the shapes and large blocks of colour. I found myself getting very fiddly in the bottom half, but am really happy with the final outcome. Not least because of the pink edges!

Blue Mountains in process/Tara Leaver

I must’ve been really in the zone with this one as I don’t seem to have many process shots from early on!


What’s really confusing with a painting like this is that there are many places where you could feasibly stop and call it done, depending on whether you want to ‘get it right’ compositionally or in some other technical way, or based on how much you Really Love It, among other things! I got some advice from Pauline and am very happy with the final piece.

Blue Mountains / Tara Leaver

Blue Mountains :: acrylic on canvas :: 30 x 30cm

And here they all are together, my little landscape family. Aw.

Landscape Triptych/Tara Leaver