Oh now this was fun.

This painting came together in two days, which I credit largely to the accountability of being in a class and partly due to me deciding to not even GO there with the ‘oh crap I really like it so far and now I’m scared if I add anything I’ll ruin it’ story.

And so here is Sands, from start to finish.






See my inspiration on the right there in the image below – a painting by British artist Sheila Marlborough, whose work I love and who does brightly coloured landscapes so beautifully.

This was also the point at which the fear of ruining it tried to muscle in. But I knew it wasn’t finished, even though I loved so much how those drips at the bottom right cut through the blue to reveal the colours beneath.




And lo, it was finished. And there was much jumping about and rejoicing.

Sands by Tara Leaver

Sands :: acrylic on canvas :: 30 x 30 cm