After several weeks of not producing anything I was really loving on the painting front, {I liked a few things, but didn’t feel that heart pull with them} this happened last Saturday.

I’d just completed my drawing for the day, which I was not happy with, but I saw in it the composition for an ‘abstractified’ painting. {Nothing gets wasted around here!}

Having nothing else on the agenda right then, I thought I might as well give it a go. I chose an old canvas from several years ago that I no longer felt any connection to, and let rip with the red paint, thus:


I used the drawing I’d just done to sketch out the rough composition I wanted to use from it with the other end of a paintbrush, and added a bit of gesso with my fingers because I felt like it, and also because there was a bit of the original painting showing through that I didn’t like.

And then I just painted. The composition I’d borrowed rapidly disappeared but that’s fine – it was a starting point.

After a short time I remembered this image you can see taped to the easel below. It’s a photo I took a while back and messed with in some apps. I didn’t want to copy it, but I planned to borrow a few shapes and patterns of light.

Some of my best paintings come from no planning, from spontaneous choices like this, and from very little thinking throughout. I was listening to Imogen Heap for most of it and that helped me get away from the usual head monologue enough to be absorbed in what I was doing.

As usual, no regard for ‘actual’ colours. :) Nature already does that so well, why would I try to copy it when I can do it my way?

It came together very fast, comparatively. I hardly even spent any time in the ‘but is it finished’ thought process, which was unusual! I just decided it was. {And let’s face it, I can undecide that at any time.}

It was just joyful from start to finish. I love the spontaneous marks, the colours, the lines, the suggestions of things. Just goes to show that it’s worth making art you don’t like, since it can be a stepping stone to art you do.


Unexpected Detour


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