31 days of playful drawing

***While this invitation is now over, you still have access to the free PDF containing the prompts and ideas to complete the 31 days. You can find it >>HERE<<.***


  • Do you ever feel like you want to be more creative in your life but you’re somehow just not doing it, or not managing to do it consistently?
  • Do you feel scared to take part in certain courses, challenges or activities because you don’t think your art is ‘good enough’?
  • Do you get nervous at the thought of sharing what you draw and paint?
  • Do you want to be able to express yourself through art without having to constantly fear you’re no good at it?
  • Would you like to make art for the sheer pleasure and fulfilment it can bring, without all the technical stuff?
  • Would you like to feel more confident about making art, and about doing it regularly, even in a busy life?
  • Are you an established artist looking to bring fresh energy to your creative practice?

If you can answer yes to any or all of these questions, you are going to love this! {Man I’m so excited I’m practically jumping up and down.}

Throughout October I’m running what might normally be called a ‘drawing challenge’, but which I’m renaming, for reasons you’ll learn in a minute.

The Premise

Throughout October 2014 I will be doing a daily drawing. Since it’s more fun to do it with company, I’m extending the idea out into the world to whomever wishes to join me. I will be posting my drawings each day on my Facebook artist page, and on Instagram with the hashtag #31playfuldays. {You are also welcome to post to my page and use the hashtag of course!} I’ll also post round ups of my drawings with thoughts about the experience each week here on the blog.

The approach is nothing to do with being able to draw well, or be ‘an artist’. This is purely about self expression through drawing. You can do it whether you’re a fully fledged working artist or whether you haven’t picked up a drawing tool since you were five.

There are no ‘how tos’ with the potential inherent judgements they can bring. There’s no ‘failing’. There will however be lots of sharing and inspiring each other with ways to approach the prompts and so on. If you get stuck there’ll be someone to support and encourage you. {Me, or anyone else you know who is taking part.}

This is an INVITATION rather than a challenge. Call it semantics but to me a challenge carries the subtle suggestion of the possibility of ‘failure’. An invitation is a warm welcome to join in to the degree that you are comfortable.

That might mean doing all the prompts and not sharing your drawings.

It might mean doing one or two a week, or doing the same one repeatedly in different ways.

If at any point you’re not having fun, either stop or see if you can work out why. Then try something else! Or let me know and I’ll do my best to help you get going again.

The Guidelines

At the bottom of this post is a link to a FREE pdf of the prompts, including some extra ideas and notes. You can print this off and stick it up in your creative space or in your sketchbook.

There are NO RULES.

There are however two suggested options for approaching it – one for those of us who like structure, and one for those of us who like to wing it.

If you’re a structure person, you can follow the prompts exactly as they’re laid out. You can print out the pdf and stick it somewhere you’ll see it, so you’ll know what’s coming and your subconscious can noodle on tomorrow’s prompt while you sleep.

If you’re a ‘wing it‘ person, you can cut up the pdf, put the prompts in a bowl and pick one out each day. Or just pick prompts at random. Or make up your own.

You can share your drawings anywhere you like, including your blog, social media or wherever else you can think of. I would love it if you would link back to this page so others can join in too. You can join at any time.

The Prompts

There are 31 prompts, plus some extras in case you don’t like any given day’s suggestion.  And please note, the prompts are just that, suggestions. You can absolutely make up your own, not use prompts, whatever feels most inspiring and interesting to you.

You can also see my Pinterest board for drawing inspiration.

Click here for the PDF of prompts and ideas.


You can find buttons here {300×300} and here {150×150}, should you wish to add one to your blog.

Got questions? Let me know in the comments or on my Facebook page and I’ll get back to you!

Please share this post with anyone you know who might also love to draw for fun with friends during October! 🙂 Here’s something to copy and paste to make it easier:

31 Days of Playful Drawing – free, relaxed and open to you if you fancy bringing some fresh energy to your art. For details and free pdf of prompts and extra ideas, click here.

Would you like to have some drawing fun in October? You don’t have to be an artist to join in and it’s FREE!! I’m totally going to doing this so will you join me? Click here for details and a free pdf of prompts.