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I suppose it’s inevitable that committing to a daily practice of any kind is going to start throwing lessons in your face pretty quickly. There is so much it will show you about what you believe are your capabilities, your weaknesses, and how you behave when you just REALLY don’t want to do something. ;)

#dailyscapes project {tara leaver}

gouache {this is part of my new energy painting development, which I’ll talk more about another time}

At the time of writing, it’s Day 18 of my #dailyscapes project, and I’m discovering ~ and in several cases getting the opportunity to, er, reframe ~ what happens when I am not in the mood, what happens when I AM in the mood, what happens when I go in with a plan, what happens when I don’t, and perhaps most importantly and interestingly for me, where I believe my limits lie.

#dailyscapes project {tara leaver}

acrylics, gesso and charcoal

Since that last one is coming up in all areas of my life, it does seem to be something asking for my attention lately. It seems I have plenty of beliefs in my limitations, and being able to see them is not yet in all cases developing into an ability to always transcend them.

#dailyscapes project {tara leaver}


I haven’t made any promises about how long I’ll keep this project up; quite frankly I’m astonished to have made it to the greater part of a month at this point. Secretly I’d like to fill the whole sketchbook. We shall see. Most of them really do only take five or ten minutes, which is a tiny percentage of my day, whatever resistance might like to tell me when I don’t feel like it.

#dailyscapes project {tara leaver}

water soluble neocolors by caran d’ache

One thing that helps me keep going is sharing.

I share each day’s scape on Instagram and Facebook, and it’s always interesting to see which ones prove popular {often the ones I am not happy with, interestingly}, and really helps to keep me accountable.

Of course I realise no one will care if I miss a day or stop altogether; but I like the connection and camaraderie of sharing with other artists and creatives, some of whom have daily practices of their own.

#dailyscapes project {tara leaver}

gouache and my beloved palette knife

So far I’ve been challenging myself to try a different medium or combination of mediums and tools every day. I can feel a call to begin to zoom in a bit now though, to explore my favourite methods in greater depth.

#dailyscapes project {tara leaver}

charcoal and soft pastels

I love that in doing this project I not only find greater clarity and understanding in my relationship with myself, enjoy connecting with others through the images, and feel the satisfaction of a steadily filling sketchbook; I also am creating the path of my artistic development by walking it.

Each little painting can tell me something about where I want to go next, what might be fun to try, what I could do as an offshoot, what I might do differently next time.

#dailyscapes project {tara leaver}


Experimentation is an absolute cornerstone of my approach to art {and life, in many ways}. I really recommend a little daily practice like this if you want to develop yourself in all directions. Not to mention it’s a great little self care tool and a way to incorporate the all important PLAY into your day. :)

Do you have a daily practice? Have you ever tried one? What did you learn from it? Let me know in the comments!


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