I thought I’d share my first week of DailyScapes with you today; you can see my first mention of them {and a little video how to that sprang from one of them!} here.

Sometimes I feel like doing a little something but not a full blown canvas effort. I also like the idea of a little something DAILY, to weave a thread of consistent art throughout my days. Most days so far I’ve enjoyed it, although a couple of days there’s been resistance.

It’s not a should {and if it turns into one I’ll stop}, more a tug towards moving colour and shapes around with my hands, and in this project’s case, a way to explore a concept that interests me, namely maps and imaginary landscapes.

Added to that, it means I can play with completely different styles, approaches and mediums every time ~ and thus push my own boundaries and give myself ideas ~ without getting in a tangle about whether as an artist my work is consistent.

I have no idea how long I’ll continue to do this, although I notice that having done just over a week now I am less and less inclined to ‘break’ it!


Day 1 ~ acrylics. Playing with Abstract Expressionism, my favourite of all art styles.


Day 2 ~ acrylics. Thinking about texture and mark making.


Day 3 ~ gouache. Simplifying and imagining {no reference}.


Day 4 ~ soft pastel. Thinking of patchworks of fields and simplified shapes and pattern.


Day 5 ~ oil pastel, acrylic, gesso. Just wanted to paint in blues and mark out shapes by dry brushing gesso. A ‘close up scape’.


Day 6 ~ oil pastel and pencil. Layers and layers, blended with the white oil pastel although didn’t achieve quite what I was hoping for. Love the boat though.


Day 7 ~ charcoal, watercolour, gesso. Another that didn’t work out as envisaged. In the end I let it be about playing with texture and layering.

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