“We do not always create works of art, but rather, experiments.
It is not our intention to fill museums. We are gathering experience.”

Josef Albers

2018: A year in creative business

  **NB: This post is LONG! It's been a very full year. ;) If you're curious about the behind the scenes of this artist's life in 2018, I suggest settling in with a beverage of some sort.** I almost didn't write a review this year. I've been on sabbatical for the...

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The 7 Day Series Challenge Autumn 2018: Participant Art

Another round of this popular week long challenge finished recently and as ever there was a real diversity of work. What I love about this challenge is not only that it's so doable, but also that people consistently make discoveries about their work, their process,...

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Want to make more consistent art? Try this

  Easily the most common issue I hear about in my line of work is that of feeling you don't have 'a style', and by extension, creating work that is a bit all over the place. This is often followed by some self-flagellation for magpie tendencies, aka 'but I want...

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You’re SO much more creative than you think

  Have you ever had that conversation where one of you is quite adamant that you're really not that creative? Maybe you're talking to someone who finds out you're an artist and instantly goes into 'oh I'm not artistic at all' mode. Or you're talking to an artist...

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My 5 favourite art supplies & why you might love them too

  I was pottering around in the studio recently and realised there are certain tools and materials I gravitate towards over and over again. These are the art supplies that work with me - they support my process and the kind of art I want to make - but they're...

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artist + teacher + creative encourager

Welcome, artist friend!

I'm Tara, an artist, teacher, and creative encourager living in Cornwall in the UK. My work is about helping you find confidence and clarity in your process and expression as an artist.

I offer courses that focus on uncovering and developing what's unique about your artistic voice, loosening up for freedom of self expression, and a lighthearted but deeply meaningful approach to making art. I'm a big fan of action taking too, so you'll always find practical things to try here. Thank you for visiting!

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“It’s great fun to learn about how another artist is navigating her world. I like all the art tips too. You seem to simply want to help and nurture and empathize and share your experience. It’s a breath of fresh air." —Ellen Stoune

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