Today’s Happy Artist Tip:

✨Try making experiments a cornerstone of your practice.✨

Why? Because experiments are:

πŸ‘ forgiving
πŸ‘ fun
πŸ‘ a fantastic way to find out what’s ‘yours’ as an artist

If you have an idea, and have or can create the means to try it – try it!

Experimenting doesn’t have to mean inconsistency.

You can try all sorts of things within parameters you choose {and can un-choose and move around!}.

And if consistency is not a thing you’re concerned about, well then the world is your oyster!

I had an idea to play with contrast by incorporating both gloss and matte in a single painting.

So I tried it!


I learned a lot about how many coats of gloss varnish are necessary to achieve satisfactory glossiness πŸ˜…, and exactly the degree to which gloss shows up every detail and texture, whether you like it or not. πŸ˜†

That is the magic of artistic experimentation – whatever the outcome, you always learn something.

And on this occasion, I even loved the result! {Although it’s quite hard to photograph.πŸ˜„ }

What Memories Do - a painting with gloss and matte areas, demonstrating artistic experimentation

I’ve also made plenty of experiments that were, to put it kindly, not quite what I’d had in mind!

But every single one teaches us something, whether it’s a huge pivot point in how we make our art, or simply, ‘ok, not that’. 😊

Do you make use of experiments in your art practice? What could you experiment with today?