An ode to art - come back to this when you lose your way

An ode to art and just some of its many life changing, invaluable, unconditional gifts.

Read and remember! 😊💕


Art doesn’t ask us to be pretty, or taller, or more this, or less that.

It doesn’t need us to weigh less, or be more interesting, or more intelligent, or more worldly.

It doesn’t need the house to be clean or the dishes all done.

It doesn’t ask us to be perfect.

It doesn’t require us to have all our ducks in a row, or three degrees and a lifetime of practice under our belts.

Art is the place we can be imperfect, and messy, a bit awkward, and a lot sweary.

Where we can be angry or sad or happy or scared or uncomfortable or anxious or blissed out or silent, and it’s all alright just exactly the way it is.

Art doesn’t judge you.

Art is the friend that allows you to be exactly what you are in any given moment, without needing you to be different.

It’s the lover that incites passion without making demands.

It’s the sibling that lets you play with all its toys and puts no limits on playtime.

It’s the dream that never runs out and can be realised in any moment.

Art doesn’t look over your shoulder or make disapproving faces or passive aggressive comments about what you’re doing.

It never gets angry with you for taking too long, or being too sensitive, or changing your mind.

Art never runs out {even if we are misled by our own thinking about that}.

It’s always there in one form or another, ready to join with you in a dance that makes you shine and grow.

Art invites you to become more you.

Every canvas, every page, welcomes you in, invites you to play and find your way forward without judgement or hurrying.

The colours line up, waiting without waiting, and when you open them up and pour them out, they celebrate with you.

Art gives with an open hand and takes you inwards as far as you’re willing to go.